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An Introduction to Dildos for Men

Whether you’re a young and tender twink or newly out at 40, sex toys for gay men can be more than a guest star in your sexual encounters. The anus is an incredibly nerve-rich part of the body and one which loves to play. But the anus must also be approached with respect for its sensitivities. And once you’ve made firm friends with your anus, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t before!

Many readers will be veterans of the back door but for newbies, the whole idea can be intimidating. As they say, practice makes perfect and with dildos for men and some quality lube at hand, you don’t have to wait until you’re eye-to-eye with the catch of the day. You can get ready before that moment comes, with the right sex toys for gay men.

Dildos for Men - Practice Makes Perfect

The friend of men everywhere, the prostate gland (or P-Spot, as it’s sometimes called) has even been discovered by men who aren’t gay! Through the practice of pegging and the use of butt plugs, our non-gay brethren have found the motherlode of the male orgasm and show no sign of turning back.

Sex toys for gay men that target the hallowed P-Spot are a great goal for anal sex newbies. Starting small is always advised, as the anus naturally contracts when attempts to insert an object (or a penis) are made. That can make things uncomfortable, to say the least.

So, with the right dildo, you can work your way up to the real thing, staying in your comfort zone while getting your anus accustomed to penetration. This method of anal training is highly recommended and can also be achieved with the use of anus-training butt plugs in various sizes.

Lube, Rinse, Repeat

Because the anus has no natural system of lubrication (unlike the vagina), lube is non-negotiable when it comes to anal sex. Personal lubricant allows smooth entry, preventing the pulling and painful tugging that can create fissures in the sensitive lining of the anus.

So, dildos for men should always be used with lube. Choose silicone lube for the silky glide that eases entry. While you’ll get that from most lubricants, silicone’s effect is notably superior where anal sex is concerned, whether using a dildo or for the main event.

Kreature Adult Toys creates all its dildos from platinum-cured silicone, making them completely safe to use with silicone or any other type of lube. However, silicone lube can degrade silicone toys if left in contact for too long, so always be sure to thoroughly wash all your toys immediately after use. All our sex toys for gay men and are body-safe, so you can use them in total confidence. But like all sex toys, keeping that puppy clean is crucial. There’s bacteria you need to wash away thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and hot water or a reliable toy cleaner.

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Dildos for Men You Won’t Believe

The sex toy market is huge and ever-expanding and gay men are only one of that market’s most enthusiastic demographics. Sex toys are having a moment that promises to continue into the foreseeable future and that moment invites the bold, the daring, and the folks at Kreature Adult Toys.

Whether you’re an anal sex newbie or a veteran bottom, you’re bound to find an intriguing dildo that’s just right for you in our collections of sex toys for gay men. Rooted in the world of fantasy gaming, Kreature Adult Toys has brought gaming culture to the bedroom, with otherworldly innovations like Cthulhu, Cosmic Horror and Kezax, the Dark Wizard.

Made in a range of sizes, textures, colors and firmness, Kreature Adult Toys makes dildos for men that love fantasy gaming. But you don’t have to! These truly inspired dildos break the mold, bringing your sex play an added element of magic!

Otherworldly Sex Toys for Gay Men

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At Kreature Adult Toys, we have to be honest. We don’t just make dildos for men, gay or otherwise. We make dildos and otherworldly sex toys for everyone. Sex toys are versatile little minxes who are happy to please people of all gender expressions and sexualities.

We’re loudly and proudly queer-owned, operated, and staffed, crafting all our amazing sex toys with love. Fully customizable, you order exactly the dildo you desire, determining its color, firmness, length, and girth as you order. But for those hungry for instant gratification, we have ready-made dildos you’ll enjoy, too.

For nerds, geeks, queers and everybody else, Kreature Adult Toys has created an underworld of character-themed, fantasy dildos to please every taste and proclivity. For the young and tender to the maturely experienced, we create dildos for men that bring thousands backdoor joy! Shop our collections of sex toys for gay men to find the perfect, complement to your anal play.