The Story of Uldred's Maw

Uldred's Maw is the secret desire of every aspiring warrior in the land. They say his dragon head base and highly textured tongue shaft have been imbued with the power of ancient beasts. It's rumored that when wielded by a skilled adventurer, his seductive powers are unmatched by any other in the land. For Uldred's Maw has a hypnotizing aura that ensnares any who dare use it. He whispers promises of pleasure and power, driving his user to the brink of ecstasy. But beware, for his price is high; he will demand the soul of any who dare wield him.

With each thrust of Uldred's Maw, it's whispered that the spirits of long-deceased dragons are invoked. The user feels the power of these mythical creatures coursing through them. Those who wield him say they feel as if they too have wings, and they can soar through the air. Many have been lost to his sultry powers, unable to break free from his grasp. Legend says that only the most righteous and chaste may wield him, but with the call of Uldred's Maw so strong, can anyone resist?

5 products

5 products

Fantasy Fun with A Dragon Tongue Sex Toy

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Fantasy Culture and Sex - Together at Last!

Delightfully otherworldly, Kreature Adult Toys presents a collection of fantasy-themed sex toys for everyone who loves to explore. We’re a queer-owned, operated, and staffed independent sex toy creator bringing people of all genders a collection of out-of-this-world sex toys, from Uldred’s Maw, the dragon tongue dildo, to Cerberus, Hound of Hades.

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