In the comforting embrace of the Dragon’s Fist Stroker, you discover the power of the fire-breather’s uncompromising grip. Play with fire as this dragon stroker’s open-ended fit in 3 lengths consumes you gently but firmly.

At Kreature Adult Toys, dragons aren’t mythological. They’re part of our family of extraordinary sex toys, fashioned of 100% platinum silicone in skin-safe pigments. And the version with one end closed delivers suction to the clitoris. So, this fantasy stroker is for all you sexy orgasm hounds regardless of genital configuration!

Credit for the amazing design to Frost!

4 products

4 products

How can a cock stroker be inclusive?

The Dragon’s Fist Stroker is an inclusive stroker because if your anatomy includes a clitoris, you can stroke too! Not nearly as miraculous as it sounds, when one end of the dragon stroker is closed, the result is suction! Now, that’s cause for celebration!

Choose from up to 5 colors to create your aesthetic preference, then choose from 3 lengths (3”, 3.5”, and 4.5”) to reflect your personal pleasure agenda. You select the firmness of the platinum silicone from one of either Ultimate Squishy (recommended), Super Soft, or Classic. Textured to excite, the Dragon’s Fist Stroker caresses you with pliable pleasure, no matter what your sexual identity. Like all our fine pleasure tools, the Dragon’s Fist is made for all.

The cock stroker anyone can enjoy

Kreature Adult Toys’ dragon stroker considers everyone’s needs and knows that everyone needs stroking! Queer-owned and operated, we bring sex-happy people the union of sexuality and nerd culture in our otherwordly toys. Experience the out-of-this-world artistry of our expert dildosmith in Stardust, the Unicorn or Kezax, the Dark Wizard.

Get caught in the grip of the Dragon’s Fist Stroker, created with the same enduring craftsmanship as all our fantasy creature features. Ready to play with fire? Feel the heat of the flames with this dragon stroker from the visionaries at Kreature Adult Toys.