Prepare to meet the thickest, most veiny monster of the Kreature Toys entourage. Magmis is a super veiny dildo boasting some extreme and sensational features. From balls to tip, Magmis, the Lava Primordial, is designed to stimulate and get a fire burning in your body.

6 products

6 products

The Thick Monster Dildo of Your Dreams

Beginning with a wide conical tip, every inch down Magmis’ muscular, veiny shaft will test you with rippled bumps and a curvy shape. If you can take the entire thick monster dildo, you will experience an incredible stretch, while the hefty base allows for perfect control and stability.

This veiny dildo is ideal for vaginal and anal play. Its curvy shaft will hit the G-spot and P-spot perfectly, while the thick body will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Experience a textured sensation like nothing you’ve felt before.

Just like the other fantasy toys in our entourage, Magmis comes with plenty of customization options. You can pick your desired size between small, medium, large, and extra large. The smallest size has a total length of 6.5 inches and the largest circumference is around 5.75 inches, whereas the extra large option goes up to 11 inches in total length and 9.8 inches in circumference.

All three of the Platinum Silicone Firmness options offer great sensations, but the decision is ultimately up to your personal preference. You can also choose any color from the chart, and opt for solid, split, blend, marble, or fade color styles.

Premium Body-Safe Materials

We use premium quality materials for all of our creations, and Magmis is no exception. Paired with our expert craftsmanship, the body-safe Premium Silicone and skin-safe pigments make for long-lasting pleasure for years to come. If you have any questions, our exceptional customer service will be happy to help.