Prepare to fill yourself up with fantasy fun with a Kreature Adult Toys fan favorite – Uldred’s Egg butt plug! This must-have beastly creation’s soft curves and textured surface is guaranteed to make you feel satisfied. With a voluptuous and thick body and smaller neck, this plug gives a nice “pop” sensation on insertion. It’s safe to wear all day, if that’s your thing.

5 products

5 products

A Body-Safe Egg Butt Plug

At Kreature Adult Toys, we strongly believe that kinks and desires are a matter of personal choice. Hence, we provide a selection of customization options for your best convenience. You can design the dragon butt plug of your dreams, according to your own fantasies. Soft or firm, small or large, pink or green–anything goes! Uldred’s Egg comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large (it also comes in sets if you want them all), with a body circumference ranging between 4.75-9.5 inches, and a total length between 4.25-6.25 inches. As for the firmness, you can pick between Super Soft, Classic, and Extra Firm options. All of them offer uniquely great sensations, however, the super soft silicone plug may not stand upright on its own. Ultimately it’s about finding the right fit for you (or your partner(s))!

Quality Materials and Service

The color options are pretty much endless–solid, split, blend, marble or fade–take your pick and let us know the specifics. All of our products are custom-made to order and unique to its owner, so the colors may vary from images.

As with all of our fantasy toys, the dragon butt plug Uldred’s Egg is made from body-safe Platinum Silicone and colored using body-safe pigments. We produce our toys with long-lasting craftsmanship to keep you company for years to come. Shipping is free for domestic orders within the US, and the packaging is discreet for all orders.