At Kreature Adult Toys, we create only the most detailed, high-quality creature dildo collections. Curves, bends, fine-tuned textures, pleasurable silhouettes and unique color combinations straight out of your deepest fantasies. Explore the best fantasy adult toys currently in our inventory, ready to order, from your favorite queer-owned indie toy maker. Unleash your wildest dreams and let your imagination run wild with Kreature Adult Toys!

47 products

47 products

Fantasy Creature Dildos, Butt Plugs, and More

All of our fantasy adult toys are made from premium-quality Platinum Silicone and colored with body-safe pigments. We carefully hand-craft each dildo and fantasy butt plug to last for years and keep you company. Ensure that you check the size, color, and firmness specification of each item to guarantee it will be to your liking. The products in our creature dildo and butt plug collections come in four sizes (small, medium, large, extra large), with three Platinum silicone firmness options (Super Soft, Classic, Extra Firm). Some products are recommended in certain sizes and a specific firmness for the best experience, however the ultimate decision depends on your personal preference.

Unique Pleasures, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Each one of our toys are handcrafted with love, so rest assured that whatever beastly creation you get your hands on will be uniquely yours. As such, items in our inventory vary, so keep checking back if you’re seeking a certain model.

Each order is shipped discreetly and safely, and domestic orders within the US ship for free! Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to our products or your orders, our stellar customer support is a click away.