Get ready for steaming hot play sessions with Uldred, the Elder Dragon. Its unparalleled texture is guaranteed to deliver pleasure. With a narrow head that makes for easy insertion and a veiny shaft that follows, the mighty and huge dragon dildo is ready to take over your fantasy life. Get ready to take a flaming erotic ride on Uldred.

Choose here from any of our available pre-made Uldreds in our inventory. The sizes and firmness of each toy are shown in the product titles and descriptions.

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Rich Textured Dragon Dick Dildo

Uldred’s multiple detailed curves converge to a large knot, bringing a tremendous sensation upon full insertion. Smooth textures throughout the shaft continue the promise of a pleasure-filled journey. If you’re looking for a unique creature with plenty of thickness and texture, Uldred is the perfect dragon sex toy for you. This huge dragon dildo will provide you endless hours of pleasure for years to come! Give in to his power; order Uldred today. 

Body-Safe Quality Materials

Our beasts are no simple mortals, so we make sure to use the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure they keep you satisfied for years to come. Uldred is made from body-safe Platinum Silicone and colored with skin-safe pigments. Enjoy free shipping for domestic orders within the US.