Safe sex toys as vegetables with condoms

5 Tips on How to Use Sex Toys Safely

Sex toys, including dildos, come in an awe-inspiring variety of shapes, sizes, and firmness. They can bring you pleasure, enhance sex with yourself or a partner, and give you more options than you have with your attached body parts - if used safely.

If you’re new to the sex toy scene, or just want to make sure you’re being smart while getting sexy, you’ll want to know how to use sex toys safely. These 5 tips will make you the sex toy queen, king, ruler of the multiverse, or whatever title you prefer!

1. Choose the Right Sex Toy

The best and safest sex toys are made from non-porous materials like silicone, stainless steel, or glass. Bacteria stick to the surface but don’t penetrate the toy, so you can sterilize the toy and eliminate any germs.

Silicone gives you the advantage of choosing firmness, like Super Smooth, Classic, or Extra Firm. Different people love different hardnesses, depending on where and how you will use the toy. Silicone can also bend and move with the body, which glass and stainless steel cannot.

If you need tips on how to use sex toys for anal use, we can help with that too. Be sure to use a dildo with a flared base that prevents it from getting stuck inside the body. You can get it out, but it might require a trip to your local ER, and an embarrassing story later for your friends.

2. Ensure Your Toys are Clean

This concern might seem strange in an article on how to use sex toys, but clean sex toys are the safe way to have fun. If you are using your toy only with yourself, you can wash it with soap and water or sex toy cleaner and sterilize it periodically (this is why #5 was necessary).

If you are sharing your toys, either use a condom or sterilize them between uses. Remember: never, ever in a million years should you put a toy that has been in an anus directly into a vagina without sterilizing it. You might see it all the time in porn, but that is a hard no in real life.

There are bacteria in the anus that do not belong in the vagina, and going from A to V can cause yeast infections and other complications. It doesn’t matter your relationship status or how often you eat off each other’s plate. Do not do this.

3. New Play Partner = Condom

Safe sex toys as vegetables with condoms

If you are playing with someone for the first time or someone whose status is unknown, use condoms on your sex toys and change them from person to person. You can have all the safe sex toy fun you want; stick Uldred’s Egg in your nostril if you desire–just put a glove on it first.

Remember that although bacteria won’t penetrate a non-porous material like silicone, they will stay on its surface until sterilized, so to use your sex toys however you want, condoms are a must.

4. Go Slow, Use Lube - The Right Kind

The rule of the ‘how to use sex toys’ game is if it hurts, something’s out of whack. Maybe you need a different angle or a different size. Maybe you were going a little too fast. Check in on yourself (or your partner) and make sure what you are doing is pleasurable.

Don’t ever try to force a toy into an opening if there is pain or tension. If you just have to have that toy inside you or die, try a finger massage with lots of lube or a smaller toy and work up to the one you want.

And don’t be afraid to squirt lube all over creation. The fear that if you need lube, you’re not sexually excited is a myth we are quashing right here. The goal of using sex toys safely is to add to, not subtract from, pleasure, so if you need the biggest bottle, buy it with a smile.

Pro-Tip: Be sure to choose the right lube for your toy. Silicone-based lubricants tend to last longer than water-based ones. But they can degrade your silicone toy over time, so opt for water-based with it.

You can also use oil-based lubes with silicone, but not if you are using rubber or latex condoms. Water-based works with everything, although it may need reapplying more often, but that’s why you bought the biggest bottle!

5. How to Use Sex Toys? Good, Giving, and Game!

Two teddies miming safe sex toy play with vegetables

The most important tip is to be open and honest with yourself and your partner. If something isn’t working for you, say so. Just because you or your partner like the look of a toy doesn’t mean your body will like it, too. As with all things in sex, experimentation is key. You might try a few dildos or other toys to see which one(s) you like. If you love them all, bonus!

At Kreature Adult Toys, we’re serious about fun and we’re serious about safety, that’s why we want to make sure everyone knows how to use sex toys safely. Check out our body-safe line of fantasy adult toys!