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5 Ways Nerdy Sex and Geek Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Sex Life

You don’t like to dress like everyone else. You prefer inside jokes to mainstream. You have the entire lineage of all the characters in Game of Thrones memorized and displayed above your mantle in uncial hand. Or maybe you fantasize about that famous Japanese woodblock print with the woman and the octopus–and you’re the octopus.

Whatever you like to nerd out about, you should definitely bring it into your sex life! We are all about geek sex toys and setting fire to your imagination. Here’s how you can make nerdy sex great sex:

1. Focus Intensely and Research

How many hours did you spend making your Steampunk costume or your Renaissance Faire bodice? You put in the time to find out exactly how to do it and how to get each detail precisely right. Right? 

Turn your nerdy focus to sex. Think of what you want to know or learn and research how to do it. Give a great blow job? Use geek sex toys like a fantasy dragon dildo for the first time? Be GGG (good, giving, and game)? Put your Google-fu to work and see what pops up.

Research also applies to yourself or your partner. Experiment and spend time discovering how you like to be touched, licked, tied-up, penetrated, or any combination thereof.

And if you have a partner, your intense focus on their pleasure and how they like things will make you the Jon Snow of sex (or Daenerys Targaryen, whichever you prefer).

2. Use Your Imagination and Sex Up Your Nerdiness

Alphabet tiles

Ever play “Strip Ticket to Ride”? How about Truth or Dare with questions every time you or anyone else misses a trivia question? If you’d describe yourself as a geek, use your geeky interests as a basis for fun, new sex toy play ideas.

Are you a foodie? Have your own blindfolded taste quiz. Or wine quiz. Penalties are up to you.

We all know about the various drinking games that accompany TV shows and movies - why not take off an item of clothing instead of taking a drink? Turn “Netflix and Chill” into something erotic and even whimsical

If you want to get more intense, sex up your choices. Get a quiz answer wrong or see Mononoke Hime on-scene? That’s a french kiss. Or put things that feel great to you and/or your partner on slips of paper in a bowl (or cauldron, or whatever you have) and draw one out as “penalties.” See how long you can last before you give in and go for the Uldred’s Egg or Dragon!

3. Role Play

You might feel silly donning your fursuit with a new partner, but if you are both into it, let your mind run wild. Stalking…chasing…taking prisoner…put your wolf suit to good use. 

Stage your own Attack on Titan. If you are of the gentler persuasion, use your character to think of how they might like to have their own nerdy sex.

A great benefit of role play is getting to know your partner better–seeing what scenarios turn them on and how you both can turn your interests into a melange of pleasure!

Pro Tip: Discussing scenes with your partner takes nothing away from the role play. You’ll know what to expect, but that will turn into delicious anticipation of exactly when that will happen. And a quick talk beforehand will help ensure nobody ends up in a position that makes them uncomfortable.

You don’t have to have sex, either. Turn your roleplay into foreplay that gets you into whatever mood you want for sex–serious, energetic, funny, silly–sex should be what you make it, not what Cosmo or Esquire says it should be. 

4. Try Some Geek-Specific Sex Toys

The wonder of today’s platinum-cure body-safe silicone sex toys is they can be molded into any shape–including ones that tease your reptilian brain–or whatever brain you possess! You can even find sex toys you can customize to your desired size, firmness, and color.

Feel like bringing out your inner Cerberus? Woof! (x3) Or perhaps you’d like a magic wizard’s “wand” with which to cast sensual spells on yourself or your partner? 

Incorporate geek sex toys into your role play, too, and bring your nerdy sex to the next level.

5. Say it Loud and Proud

Superheroes and superheroines represent nerdy sex

Whatever your interests, own them and be confident! Confidence is key to any sex, not just nerdy sex. We don’t mean arrogance, but you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything that you’re into. Believe us–we make geek sex toys, so we’ve seen it all!

Everyone has a rich inner life, and there’s nothing wrong with incorporating aspects of it into your sex life.

Whether you like to nerd out on board games, anime, chemistry, skateboarding, or video games, bring your passion and creativity into your sex life, and you’ll find richer, more rewarding sex is just around the next corner in the multiverse. 

At Kreature Adult Toys we make body-safe silicone fantasy toys for people of every gender, shape, size, and sexual orientation. We specialize in made-to-order toys and, as a queer-owned and operated store, welcome nerds of all incarnations. Come by and explore your fantasies with our sex toys for geeks!