Ready for some doggy action? Not necessarily the position – we mean getting to action with a well-textured fantasy dog dildo! Unleash your canine desires with Kreature Adult Toys’ big bad wolf Cerberus dildo. Cerberus, Hound of Hades is the perfect addition to your adult toy box (however that resonates with you) with plenty of veiny texture for stimulation. Explore your own or your partner(s)’ body like never before with a unique fantasy dildo.

5 products

5 products

The Cerberus Dildo of Your Fantasies

The thin tip of this dog dick dildo makes for an easy, smooth entry, so it’s perfect if you’re new to exploring. Don’t get it twisted, though, the big knot just above the base promises the satisfaction of being filled up when fully inserted. The curved shaft of Cerberus hits all the sweet spots: G, P, you name it! Prepare to start howling with pleasure.

When it comes to kinks and desires, to each their own. This is why we offer a wide selection of customization options! Design the dog dick dildo of your dreams, and let your imagination run wild. Cerberus comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, ranging between 6 1/2" to 11" of total length. There are also three Platinum Silicone firmness options to choose from: Super Soft, Classic, Extra Firm. Cerberus is great in all sizes and firmness (though it feels “firmer” as the size goes up). It’s about finding the ideal fit for yourself. As for the color? We go above and beyond the rainbow – take your pick.

Body and Skin-Safe

As with all of our fantastic beasts, Cerberus is made from body-safe Platinum Silicone and colored with body-safe pigments. Our long-lasting craftsmanship ensures your product keeps you company in the long run. Each order is custom made with love, so the colors may vary from images. We ship discreetly, and offer free shipping for domestic orders within the US.