In Uldred’s Maw is the fearsome fire you seek. This dragon tongue sex toy is created to bring you the fiery blast of orgasm! Despite Uldred’s notoriously prideful, strategically difficult position, there’s nothing difficult or prideful about this incredible pleasure tool from Kreature Adult Toys. Choose here from one of the available Maws in our inventory. And if you don't see one to your liking, choose from any of our other pre-made dildos to find your perfect fit!

3 products

3 products

Fantasy Fun with A Dragon Tongue Sex Toy

The Maw is designed to please, with a slender, oval-shaped tip that gradually widens to the base. Along the way, you’ll be transported by the sensual textures of this dragon tongue dildo. Like all of our fun, fantasy dildos, Uldred’s Maw is made from platinum-cure, long-lasting silicone, and body-safe pigments. 

Nerd Culture and Sex - Together at Last!

Delightfully otherworldly, Kreature Adult Toys presents a collection of fantasy sex toys for everyone who loves to explore. We’re a queer-owned, operated, and staffed independent sex toy creator bringing people of all genders a collection of out-of-this-world sex toys, from Uldred’s Maw, the dragon tongue dildo, to Cerberus, Hound of Hades.

Everything we make at Kreature Adult Toys is crafted with love, in the knowledge that sex is where human individuality shines brightest. You’ve waited too long for nerd culture and sex to get together, so Kreature Adult Toys did it! Browse our proudly quirky collections to live your fantasy.