Fenrir, Lycan Packer

Have you always been a wild beast with a big package at heart? Here is your chance to complete your Werewolf persona. Meet our first packer creation, "Fenrir, Lycan Packer". He's a trans ftm packer, designed to fulfill your beastly fantasies as well as fill out the front of your pants. This ftm packer is designed to give trans men the bulge that they've always wanted, without the pain and expense of surgery. Fenrir does this, and with the same fantasy feel you've come to expect and love from Kreature Toys offerings.

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A Fantastical Packer

Fenrir, Lycan Packer has three different sizes ranging from 3" to 3.75" to 4.5" in total length. Shop this pages for available Fenrirs in our inventory.

100% Platinum, Body-Safe Ingredients

Like everything we make here at Kreature Adult Toys, Fenrir, Lycan Packer is made strictly from body-safe, platinum cure silicone. With proper care, your Fenrir will last for years, if not decades. This trans ftm packer will be a favorite in your collection, order your packer today!