Dragon's Fist - Stroker

Looking for a hand in the bedroom? Our Dragon's Fist stroker is sure leave you feeling satisfied! The Dragon's Fist gives the perfect squeeze to your junk and will leave you wanting more every day. Today is the perfect day to grow you Kreature Toys collection with this unique Platinum silicone creation. Buy yours today!

Credit for the amazing design to Frost!

The Dragon Fist stroker is the perfect toy for any gender!

We offer an open-ended design for full penetration by men, cis women, and anyone else with a penis. As well as a closed-ended variation that creates mild suction. Perfect for cis women, FTM trans men, and everyone else with a clit who's looking for the perfect stroker for their sex toy collection.

Design your ideal custom Dragon Fist stroker, and let your imagination run wild. The Dragon Fist comes in three lengths; 3", 3.75", and 4.5", ranging from 9.5" to 13.5" outside girth. There are also two Platinum Silicone firmness options to choose from: Ultimate Squishy and Super Soft. Uldred's Maw is great in all sizes and firmness (although we strongnly recommend the Ultimate Squishy firmness). All that really matters is what feels right for you. And for colors, we have thousands of possible color combinations to choose from!

Body and Skin-Safe

As with all of our one-of-a-kind creations, the Dragon's Fist is 100% body-safe Platinum Silicone and colored with body-safe pigments. Our long-lasting craftsmanship ensures your product keeps you company in the long run. Each order is custom made with love, so the colors may vary from images. We ship discreetly, and offer free shipping for domestic orders within the US.